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Holaplex x FYEO: Your Password Sucks! An NFT for Solana Hacker House Tel Aviv

A couple of week's ago we announced our partnership with Holaplex and the exclusive NFT that people could mint during Solana's NYC HH.

We're back minting again for the upcoming Hacker House in Tel Aviv! FYEO & Holaplex have partnered to create a “הסיסמה שלך מעפנה” (Your Password Sucks) NFT for the first 100 attendees who download FYEO Agent and Mint with HUB as part of this week’s Hacker House. This version of FISKO (the phish who powers our AI) is to raise awareness about how we all have a role to play in keeping ourselves safe.

Remember, phishing exploits are continuing to rise and hackers are getting better at using them, and your passwords are one of the main things they try to get. FYEO Agent is an extension that uses FYEO’s FISKO AI and deep learning to detect potential phishing websites at the browser level.

FYEO Agent Free Extension

This free extension offers:

  • Real-time browser phishing protection

  • Leaked credential alerts

  • Self-learning and Self-correcting with AI

  • Simple and quick to set up

How to get the limited additional No Phish State of Mind NFT:

Step 1. Download FYEO Agent and make sure the plugin is installed.

Step 2. Go to this mint page and mint your phish!


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