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Strengthen your security ecosystem against emerging cyber threats with proactive threat monitoring with FYEO’s 3rd party API integration.

Fast easy access to the world's most comprehensive leaked credentials database

29+ billion

Email Addresses

25+ billion

Total Passwords

500+ million

Phone Numbers



Delivering tangible data points for cyber risk mitigation

What does the FYEO API query?

lightbulb-20 26.png

Email address

Frame 4300.png


Frame 4298.png

Telephone number

FYEO’s API access will will provide your organization with the following information

  • Email address used

  • Associated phone numbers

  • Potential associated email addresses

  • Number of leaked passwords

  • Number of leaks that the username appears in

  • List of clear text passwords used by the user

  • List of hashed passwords that the users have used

  • FYEO score


Leveraging the FYEO score for deriving potential risk

The FYEO score can be thought of as a cybersecurity trust score where a user that has low exposure to leaked information will score higher than a user with many leaked passwords and/or easily guessed passwords.

FYEO API Use Cases​

There are a number of use cases for employing and embedding FYEO’s API services in your existing environment. One of the most obvious is to augment your users’ onboarding by getting more data points for your existing and future end users.

The FYEO API use case:

  • Augmenting existing user data and users on sign up and know your customer (KYC) proceedings

  • Use the user’s FYEO risk score to evaluate the “creditworthiness” of clients and potentialclients at the time of account creation

  • Warn users that they are choosing a common or leaked password

  • Potentially warn users that they are creating an account with a weak or reused password

How FYEO’s database compares
  • FYEO's active database has over 24 billion leaked credentials, passwords and phone numbers

  • FYEO service indexes the entire data set that is found

  • Keeps reference data such as IP addresses, telephone numbers, as well as the password hashes 

  • By indexing the entire data set, FYEO can make detailed statistics and more detailed threat assessments of linked accounts compared to our competitors

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