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Dynamic Wallet Testing

FYEO’s Dynamic Wallet Testing helps you uncover vulnerabilities and protects both your application and your users.

Static Code reviews will only find the problems you have in your codebase but what about the problems in your execution environment? How do you know if your wallet is leaking critical data or vulnerable to browser exploitation? How is your wallet interacting with the browser and your users' data? 

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What is dynamic wallet testing?

FYEO Dynamic Wallet Testing is a framework coupled with a threat model that analyzes your wallet code inside a virtualized browsers’ environment. These automated tests include dumping physical memory and ram and identifying data leaks.

Database of identified threat scenarios include:

Leaked private keys and credentials

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Injected code


Physical threats


Browser/Extension threats


Operating system threats

Why dynamic wallet testing is critical

  1. Finds threats outside your code-base

  2. Identifies threats with your browser and the blockchain (RPC calls)

Key components of Dynamic Wallet Testing
  • Automated testing of every release to prevent data leaks

  • Vulnerability identification in 3rd party libraries as well as updated runtime browser environments.

Trusted by the world’s top Web3 projects and protocols

What you get with Dynamic Wallet Security Vulnerability testing
  • Comprehensive report and automated testing environment

  • Unlimited scans and retests

  • Automated monthly reports

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