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FYEO performed a secure code assessment of the Samoyedcoin’s Saga Tools

FYEO performed a secure code assessment of the Samoyedcoin’s Saga Tools

What is Samoyedcoin (SAMO)?

SAMO is an emerging digital asset that backs a community concentrated on onboarding Solana users, educating market participants, and making personal connections. Seeing the potential of online communities, the advantages of Solana, and the influence dog coins have in onboarding new market participants, marketing their underlying blockchain, and infiltrating modern-day culture, SAMO also evolved into an experiential Web 3.0 community coin. 

The audit centered on their recently implemented Solana airdrop feature, enabling the distribution of airdrops to holders of specific NFTs.

The FYEO Process

When FYEO performs an assessment, we focus on the code committed at a specific time when the code base is feature complete. 

Our goal is to give our clients the following:

  • A better understanding of its security posture and help them identify current and future risks in its deployed chain & contract infrastructure.

  • An opinion on what security measures are in place regarding maturity, adequacy, and efficiency.

  • Identify potential issues, including loss of funds scenarios, and include improvement recommendations based on the result of our assessment.

  • Give the development team a better understanding of writing and maintaining more secure code. The incremental increase of security is part of the overall increased quality of the project.

Findings and Report

During the security assessment, we uncovered:

  • 1 finding with MEDIUM severity rating.

  • 3 findings with LOW severity rating.

  • 8 findings with INFORMATIONAL severity rating.

Once notified, the Samo team was quick to address and remediate these findings. You can find a public version of the report available below.

Samo - Security Code Review Samo Airdrop v1.0_public
Download PDF • 1.31MB


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