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Self Custody All Your Passwords, finally.

Decentralized password management.

Real-time identity monitoring.


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KryptPass is privacy first

Getting started with KryptPass doesn’t mean giving up all your personal information. When you create your KryptPass account, we offer you the option of creating either a verified or anonymous account.


Verified account:​

  • Provide your email for real-time identity monitoring services

  • Save unlimited credentials


Anonymous account:​

  • No email or personal information required

  • Save unlimited credentials

  • Upgrade to a verified account at any time

Your web history says a lot about you.

Your password shouldn't.

KryptPass's real-time Identity monitoring system is the most comprehensive database of leaked passwords and credentials on the planet - 28 billion of them and counting. If we have it, others can get it. Get real-time identity monitoring today. Just start using KryptPass.


Security and functionality beyond any traditional password manager. With all the features you need to stay secure, and no bloat.

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Zero Local Password Storage

KryptPass-generated passkeys (your passwords) store zero personal data anywhere, ensuring that your data can never be compromised.



KryptPass goes beyond passwords and creates 'passkeys': high security passwords which allow you to seamlessly login to all of your online accounts and services. Think of it as passwordless login.

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Identity Monitoring

KryptPass's real-time identity monitoring services give you the facts as soon as they happen: what information was taken or compromised: and what steps you should take to secure yourself moving forward.

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KryptPass Private Key

The KryptPass master key is private-key generated and lives locally on your device(s) only. This lets you transfer your identities between devices with ease while guaranteeing that your information cannot be decrypted by any 3rd parties, or even by KryptPass.

Dive into the tech behind KryptPass

The KryptPass solution incorporates an advanced system for synchronizing credentials seamlessly across a user’s devices, leveraging the peer-to-peer (P2P) capabilities of WebRTC and a signaling server for secure and efficient data transfer. This method ensures that metadata and encrypted legacy passwords are shared directly between devices owned by the end user, minimizing points of vulnerability.

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KryptPass features

The most easy-to-use password management service built for privacy and unmatched security.

  • Private key generated

  • Password generation

  • Real-time identity monitoring services

  • Credential (email) breach alerts

  • Cross-device syncing

  • Simple password import/export integration

  • Personalized identity reports

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All for the modest price of


(yes, free!)

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Password management.

Finally simplified.

A single click enables KryptPass to save your usernames and generate passkeys when you sign in to apps and websites. It's that simple.

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