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FYEO Works With IOG & Cardano Foundation to Create dApp Security Best Practice Guidelines

FYEO is building momentum on our mission to secure Web3! Today, we are pleased to announce that the Cardano Foundation has designated the company as one of a select group of certified code audit providers. This year, Mikael Björn, FYEO’s Managing Director of the Cybersecurity Solutions and Research Practice, has continuously collaborated with the Cardano Foundation and its Working Group to create the Cardano Audit Best Practice Guidelines (CIP-0052)

In May, the Working Group joined IOG at the IOG Audit and Certification Meetup in Barcelona. Mikael Björn gave a presentation on how to perform a successful code audit, and our CTO, Thomas Oloffson, gave a lightning talk on techniques and best practices in threat modeling.

Also featured at the meetup was ADAX, the state-of-the-art Decentralized Exchange Protocol on Cardano, which is a project for whom FYEO provided a security review. Dovydas Petkevičius, CMO for ADAX, discussed the importance of the review and stressed how crucial the review was to build trust in the Cardano ecosystem.

As a blockchain-agnostic company promoting Cybersecurity for Web3, FYEO has infused the Best Practice Guidelines with its experience reviewing and auditing all major Blockchain ecosystems. With our diverse experience across platforms and languages, FYEO’s learnings serve to ground the Guidelines with in-depth knowledge and insight.

FYEO is committed to raising the already high cybersecurity bar the Cardano foundation has set by working to put in place the pillars and keystones necessary to create a secure environment for users, builders, and investors.

FYEO will continue to advise the Foundation on best security practices and work with projects building in the Cardano ecosystem.


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