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FYEO Completes Security Review of Evernode

Following the completion of the Security Review of Xahaud - Codebase for Xahau, FYEO has completed the successful code review of Evernode’s three Hooks. The Evernode team was wonderful to work with and remediated any security issues within the scope of the audit to our satisfaction. Evernode marks the first Xahau-native project to launch.

What is Evernode?

With Evernode you can run decentralized applications on the blockchain on truly virtualized machines. Evernode dApps can be written in almost any language, deployed at almost any scale, read and write to disk and web, fetch off-chain data, perform complex computations, and generally perform like a normal App, but in a decentralized way. It is a new vision for ultra-flexible, ultra-powerful dApps built on Xahau.

FYEO and the Security of Evernode

This audit is just the beginning. Evernode has partnered with FYEO for on-going security services, with audits and domain threat monitoring to help protect the project across multiple threat vectors, a role we are honored to play in this growing Xahau ecosystem.

FYEO continues our commitment to the security of Xahau, having a Governance Game Validator Seat, running the Validator for the Xahau Auditors and Enterprise Table & Security partners for the new Xahau network. In our commitment to actively participate in this growing ecosystem on Xahau, FYEO will also be one of the Evernode Node Operators at launch to be able to monitor the network for security purposes.

Xahau Limited Edition Cryptophishies

To commemorate the launch of both Xahau and Evernode’s launch coming soon , FYEO has launched our limited edition NFTs. This collection makes a statement about hooks & Xahau, and will be among the first NFTs to cross the ocean to XLS35 and are a continuation of FYEO's Cryptophishies collection, designed to help drive the conversation around security in Web3.


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