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FYEO joins Angel Protocol Alliance

The vision of FYEO is to secure and empower enterprises and individuals on the journey to Web 3.0 through effective digital security without compromise. Part of the ethos of our brand is that online security should be as fundamental a right as access to the internet. Online security ensures that all participants have safe access to participate in ecosystems paving the way to Web 3.0. That’s why we developed our quarterly giving initiative for FYEO Domain Intelligence, why Angel Protocol was chosen as its first recipient and why we at FYEO chose to join the Angel Alliance. We will also be offering Angel discounted rates on our code audit service.

The mission of Angel Protocol is to democratize access to endowments so any organization or individual can achieve a more secure financial future. They generate social impact by leveraging decentralized finance to align a global community around shared incentives; win and help win. Less than 60% of charities have enough saved in their reserves to cover more than one year of operating costs. Angel Protocol plays a critical role in solving this challenge.

Endowments are a powerful tool that charities use to grow their donations. However, traditional endowments can be expensive to set up, access, and maintain. Angel Protocol has developed a platform providing easy access to low-risk, high-yield endowments that provide charities financial freedom. Donors give once, and give forever.

Empowerment is the cornerstone of what we at FYEO and the amazingly talented people at Angel Protocol hope to achieve through both of our platform offerings and is the reason we decided to join them on their mission. Both FYEO and Angel Protocol share the need for trust to be a central tenet underpinning the platform. At FYEO, our goal is to help Angel Protocol establish this trust by first ensuring that the code is secure and then by providing ongoing monitoring through our threat intelligence service.

FYEO’s Domain Intelligence platform will provide continuous monitoring for Angel Protocol and help them identify potential vulnerabilities as they occur.

Learn more about Angel Protocol.

Learn more about FYEO Domain Intelligence.


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