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FYEO Domain Intelligence is here. Here’s what you need to know about it

FYEO Domain Intelligence is an advanced cyber security threat intelligence offering that provides real-time monitoring of the dark web and known threat actors, ensuring your organization is protected against potential threats. With FYEO Domain Intelligence, you can leverage one of the largest known databases of leaked credentials, cracked passwords, and phone numbers to minimize the risks to your organization of 3rd party breaches.

  • FYEO real-time monitoring systems spiders the dark web and known threat actors for potential threats against your organization

  • FYEO Domain Intelligence leverages the FYEO Credentials Database - one of the largest and most complete known databases of leaked credentials, cracked passwords, and phone numbers to minimize the risks of 3rd party breaches

  • FYEO’s domain monitoring and end-user phishing protection system interoperates with the FYEO DI portal to stop malicious links at the browser level to stop them from harming users no matter the source

  • FYEO’s on-chain threat monitoring solution will function as an early warning system for on-chain vulnerabilities for our Web3 clients


To protect your organization against today’s rapidly evolving external threat environment we have developed FYEO Domain Intelligence (FYEO DI). Although many products and services offer protection from an organization’s internal threats and vulnerabilities, an increasing percentage of today's threats originate externally. The most prevalent external attacks (i.e. ransomware, spear phishing etc.) rely on external or infiltrated personal accounts with reused passwords from 3rd party sites. Our investigations of these attacks have found it common that the person(s) sending the original emails are real accounts that have been hijacked by the attackers.

Likely targets for these types of attacks can be identified readily by the FYEO DI service as we continuously look for potential users identified by their corporate email and/or private email addresses.

FYEO Domain Intelligence (FYEO DI)

Stop leaks, phishing and impersonation attacks before they can cause damage

FYEO DI is an online threat monitoring and intelligence platform that protects in real-time against threats by scanning the public, darknet and known threat actor forums for various threats to the organization such as:

  • lookalike/malicious domains,

  • leaked credentials, and telephone numbers

  • New phishing sites

  • Darknet mentions of tracked assets (person, domain, organization, location, wallets, contracts, + more)

The DI platform is the security ”command center” for the organization, providing insights and actions to counter potential digital threats.

Detection of threats is important, but true protection against identified threats can only be achieved by real-time blocking, which is why we developed FYEO Agent.

FYEO Agent extension

The FYEO Agent is a browser extension which provides real-time protection for every employee at every endpoint in the organization.

Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond and Recover

Together, the DI portal and end-user client (FYEO Agent) create a system in which employees become part of the organization's security by having them participate in stopping the threat of leaked credentials and phishing sites and other emerging threats.

The key benefits of this are:

  • Improved endpoint protection against emerging threats and actors

  • Offloading the security team by having end users handle their own ‘incidents’

  • Get more detailed detection by having all users report suspicious sites and links

  • Improved user security awareness and training

Our mission to designing and developing the main components for the DI platform was threefold:

  1. Design a platform that solved critical vulnerabilities in organizations in a UX-first approach - ease of dissemination of information was a key priority to make the platform usable to anybody

  2. Focus on developing components that address the big problems first - namely issues with phishing/spoof domains and leaked credentials

  3. Deliver a product that is accessible to organizations of all sizes

What makes FYEO Domain Intelligence different from others

FYEO Credentials Database:

With FYEO Domain Intelligence, you can leverage one of the largest known databases of leaked credentials, cracked passwords, and phone numbers to minimize the risk to your organization of 3rd party breaches.

The biggest difference between the FYEO offerings and the offerings of competitors such as ‘Haveibeenpwned’ is that the FYEO service indexes the additional information that is found and also keeps reference data such as IP numbers, telephone numbers as well as the password hashes. By indexing more data, FYEO can make detailed statistics and more complete threat assessments of linked accounts compared to our competitors.

In recent attacks we have even seen that the attackers have used the users login credentials in conjunction with leaked phone numbers to fool text based (SMS) two-factor authentication (2FA) methods.

In order to solve this pressing problem, we detect likely users in the organization that have leaked emails, passwords and phone numbers, which results in reducing the risk of the attack.

FYEO Agent:

The end-user agent of the FYEO DI platform is designed to stop malicious links at the browser level, preventing them from doing harm to your users no matter the source. Our end-user phishing protection system interoperates with the portal to give you complete peace of mind. Additionally, FYEO DI is using machine learning and AI technology to identify new threats as they occur, providing you with the latest information to protect your organization.

This information is fed back to the FYEO DI portal as incidents so that threat-protection becomes proactive and crowdsourced.


With the ever-evolving landscape of cyber attacks, it is critical to have a reliable and effective security solution in place. This is precisely why FYEO DI was created, specifically to meet the needs of CISOs and those managing the security of your organization.

FYEO DI is the comprehensive solution organizations have been searching for. With real-time monitoring, advanced threat intelligence, and cutting-edge technology, FYEO DI is the ultimate tool for protecting your organization from cyber threats.


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