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Flare Partnership

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In partnership with Flare, FYEO is offering exclusive discounts to builders in the Flare ecosystem. For promotional rates on code audits, dynamic wallet testing and real-time threat monitoring fill out your details in the form below!

Limited availability!

Blockchain Security

End-to-end blockchain security services and auditing for Web3.

FYEO Domain Intelligence

Protect your organization and employees from cyberattacks with FYEO Domain Intelligence.

Blockchain Audits

FYEO’s world class team of security auditors have performed over 200 audits to date. FYEO’s proprietary approach aims to give your team real-time updates throughout our line-by-line interactive auditing process.

Ensure the Success and Security of Your Project

A Smart Contract Audit will ensure critical errors and vulnerabilities can be remediated before they can be exploited. Code vulnerabilities were attributed a majority of the hacks in 2022.

Optimize Performance of your project

Beyond Security Flaws, a Smart Contract Audit audit will help you identify and resolve logic bugs.

Build Trust

A comprehensive audit demonstrates your commitment to putting security first, which helps build trust with your community of users.

Blockchain audits

This is why you put your trust in FYEO for your
Security Audit!



FYEO has done Code Audits since 2018 performing over 200 audits, with our senior team members security audit experience going back to Web 1.0.



FYEO is the only fullstack code audit company that reviews wallets, dApps, Layer 0 & 1 and everything in between - going beyond the code to review the design, architecture, and economics to ensure all critical vulnerabilities are identified and resolved at end of audit. We always utilize the input from pentesting and fuzzing to achieve maximum reliability in our security reviews. By doing all this we achieve a state of Formal Verification.



The audit is not a black hole. We embed ourselves with your team and provide daily updates of findings so that you can remediate issues throughout the audit.



FYEO’s audit cost is determined at the beginning using our audit scoping analysis tool - you tell us what you want audited and we provide a fixed price without any hidden fees.


In-house team:

We are not an audit farm. FYEO’s rigorous hiring process means we only employ the best auditors in the industry. 


Through continuous threat monitoring of the darknet and other malicious actors, FYEO DI's cyber threat intelligence service enables enterprises and their employees to mitigate their online risk exposure and receive early warnings of threats as soon as they occur.

FYEO DI features

  • Advanced Threat Monitoring Services

  • Real-time Phishing protection

  • Brand Protection

  • Executive Protection

  • Domain and Credential Monitoring

  • On-Chain Threat Monitoring

  • End user client

  • Access via API and Web Portal

  • Customized reporting

  • Industry benchmarking

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