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Strategic Partners Big Brain Holdings & TRGC Invest in FYEO to Secure Web3

We are proud to announce that, as strategic partners, Big Brain Holdings and TRGC are both participating in FYEO’s private pre-seed capital round. Those invited to invest in FYEO are individuals and companies who believe in our vision to secure both enterprises and individuals from cyber attacks with security audits, real-time threat monitoring, digital asset intelligence, and decentralized identity management. We are excited to have now onboard two key partners who will help us achieve the growth we know is possible, changing the world of security in the process. As such, FYEO is honored to join fellow portfolio companies of Big Brain Holdings and TRGC including Solana, Near, ArWeave, Algorand, Ethereum, Kava, Polkadot and other incredible projects.

As a condition for Web3 to scale successfully, security must be foundational, not an afterthought. We are excited by our investors’ commitment to help us achieve this goal. “As the Web3 ecosystem grows we can all feel more comfortable and secure with what FYEO brings to the table. We believe this team with a proven track record can deliver identity management, privacy, and security - at scale. We are excited about our partnership with FYEO that will help make everything safer and secure for decentralized protocols and applications as well as businesses and entities transitioning to Web3.” says @bigbrainkasey of Big Brain Holdings.

With the support of both TRGC and Big Brain Holdings as strategic investors, FYEO will be able to strengthen its relationships to essential projects, infrastructure, and communities in the Web3 space and ensure risk is mitigated from a code integrity and security perspective.

About Big Brain Holdings

Big Brain Holdings is a crypto-exclusive fund investing in pre-seed, seed and early stage projects on Solana, Near, Algorand, ZK/Starkware, AVAX, Celo, Ethereum, and other L1s. Big Brain believes in a crypto forward future, and invests in teams paving the way towards that future. Our team focuses on projects that are unique, innovative, and on the cutting edge of blockchain.

We value long term partnerships and help the projects we invest in grow and prosper through our various value added benefits and extensive network.

About TRGC

We back visionary teams and companies that are in pursuit of a better global financial system, with an aim to foster the growth of the world’s most promising projects in the emerging technologies sector.

Leveraging both our deep understanding of the ecosystem and our extensive industry connections, we are able to put capital to work efficiently, supporting the next wave of trailblazing blockchain, Web3, and DeFi innovators.


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