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The Future of Cyber Security & Identity Access Management - Our Vision

Our story - a brief history

About three years ago I co-founded a firm, BTblock, with three other amazing individuals - each coming from very different backgrounds with exceptional experiences, insights and overall good humor - necessary elements when looking for partners to embark on the journey of launching a startup. As a boutique consulting firm focused on helping companies identify opportunities with emerging technologies, namely blockchain, our mission was to help firms understand a) what are the implications of deploying the technology for your business, b) will it help move the business forward and c) how to best go about building the necessary applications? Three years later, BTblock is now a thriving consultancy and we continue to grow our team to serve our bustling cybersecurity practice, namely the security assessment, audit and review of blockchain platforms and tokens - helping companies uncover vulnerabilities in their products that could lead to disastrous outcomes should those vulnerabilities ever be exploited. FYEO ultimately was born out of BTblock’s experience in this regard, namely in seeing what is vulnerable, and finding solutions.

So, how did we go from consulting to incubating and developing what today has become the FYEO platform? For one, we love product! It is through all our consulting work that we identified the growing need for a better, simpler and more actionable solution for companies to tackle the growing problem of cyber-attack and with that, how best for companies, employees and really everyone to better manage online credentials securely. We examined what was already available and found that although the products might be helping to curb the problem, they had significant limitations such as lack of access due to price, the way that they save and stored data had critical vulnerabilities, and too many features and services made these products cumbersome and difficult to use.

81% of all Hacker-related Breaches are Due to Poor Password Management.

Over a Zoom call between myself in Denver and my co-founders who were out in Sweden for the Sec-T conference (an InfoSec conference in Stockholm co-founded by our CTO Thomas Olofsson) we started discussing how we could create a different kind of product to address all the problems we were seeing in the world of online security.

With our background in emerging technology, understanding of current problems and vulnerabilities of online systems along with Thomas’s 20+ years in cryptography, we began ideating how we could apply the principal technologies of distributed ledger technology, namely private key generation, to create a more robust and secure solution to solve the biggest problem facing most online users today - poor password management. Our vision was to create something that everyone and every company could use no matter the level of technological know-how to put privacy and security at the forefront without compromise. No massive data collection, no trackers, offer of anonymity, actionable insights, and ease-of-use were all core tenets for what we would develop. FYEO had to be for everyone.

Over the past year we have worked diligently to develop V1 of the FYEO platform with our initial product offering being FYEO Identity (FYEO ID), our password manager with real-time identity monitoring and FYEO Domain Intelligence (FYEO DI), an enterprise platform for cyber threat intelligence.

We at FYEO believe online security is a fundamental right that should be available to anyone, not just those who can afford it. So, the core features of FYEO ID are being released free for individual use.

The Future: Our Roadmap

Today we are rolling out the first version of the FYEO ID and FYEO DI platforms, a giant step in helping us leap towards the goal of creating a more secure means of operating in the online world. In the year ahead we have a great roadmap of features and offerings, some of which are outlined below. User feedback will be critical in informing future offerings and we want to be sure we only put features in that solve real problems without muddling the core user experience.

FYEO ID Password Manager


  • Extension availability on Brave, Edge, Firefox

  • FYEO ID for mobile iOS

  • Enhanced form detection

  • Automated Password updates

  • FYEO ID for Android

  • FYEO ID for Enterprise - expect another post about this in the near future!

  • Secure credential sharing

  • 2FA

  • IoT integration

  • Operating system integration

  • Secure notes

This is no short list of features, but we believe these are core to protecting you as we become even more integrated in our online universe.

FYEO Domain Intelligence


  • End user phishing protection

  • Industry comparison analysis - how does your enterprise stack up against peers

  • Automated incident detection and resolution

  • User behavior trends and analysis - e.g. how many times has any one of your employees clicked on a phishing email or been breached

  • API access

  • Self-service platform

The Road Ahead

The FYEO vision is to be the leading provider of credential management and cyber-security solutions for both individuals and enterprises. Our launch marks the start of this journey and as we learn from you, our customers and users, our products and services will continue to evolve and mature. We are looking not just at what can be done today, but what needs to be done to keep you safe and secure in the future. As we grow, so will the FYEO platform. We will evolve with the changing dynamics of the Internet. The products we build today will put us in a good place as we move into a Web 3.0 future where securing digital identities and businesses will be even more critical.

As a company (BTW, we are hiring), we look to grow with people who share our values, challenge assumptions, explore the unknown and are ready to tackle the toughest of challenges.

Help us change the internet. Get FYEO, use it, share it and secure the digital world.


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