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FYEO partners with Reach to make Web3 Safer

FYEO is thrilled to announce that we are now officially Reach's code auditing partner.

Security is paramount to the success of the Web3 ecosystems; with FYEO as Reach’s certified auditor and threat monitoring delivery partner, anyone building on Reach will have priority access to FYEO’s suite of security services. In addition, FYEO will ensure that the code developed in Reach will have fewer security flaws making blockchain safer for everyone with more efficient code and efficient audits.

Brian Grisell, Partnerships Lead, expressed, “We’re truly excited that FYEO is joining Reach as our blockchain auditing solution. Allowing us to expand our platform’s safe ecosystem into Algorand, Ethereum, and other blockchains our developers build in. Making web3 more mainstream, smarter, and safer day by day.”

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