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BTblock + FYEO, better together. BTblock’s blockchain security audit service is now part of FYEO!

BTblock was founded in 2018 with a simple mission: to help transition the world to Web 3.0. What started as a digital transformation firm focused on helping enterprises understand how emerging technologies fit in their organization turned into a robust blockchain security audit company with an elite team of some of the most sought after Defi logic experts in the world. Working across chains such as Solana, Ethereum, Cardano, Algorand, Terra, Helium (and many more) as well as multiple NFT marketplaces, BTblock’s team of experts has now worked across 100s of projects over the last few years finding vulnerabilities and potential exploits in these projects’ code base and helped resolve them before real harm can occur.

Through this work we learned that code reviews alone are not enough, a point underscored by the daily headlines of funds being taken from projects. No matter how good the code, these projects and their communities were still vulnerable to other attack vectors as soon as they launched and at times even before (e.g. phishing attacks, credential exploits, lookalike domains, etc.). So, we came up with an idea: to build FYEO (i.e. for your eyes only). The platform would be built to secure both enterprises and individuals from cyber attacks with real-time threat monitoring and intelligence and decentralized identity management.

Today, FYEO has developed a full suite of software products protecting both enterprises and individuals. FYEO Domain Intelligence, our threat monitoring and intelligence SaaS platform currently monitors over 700 domains for clients across multiple industry verticals and continuously spiders the darknet & other threat actor forums, enabling our clients to manage & assess online risk exposure and have early warning of threats as they occur.

FYEO Identity, our patented approach to credential management, is a private-key based password manager offering users access to real-time identity monitoring for all their online accounts. In closed beta today, FYEO Identity is now open for beta testers for both desktop and mobile iOS and Android applications (join our beta). When released, FYEO Identity will be offered for the world to use for free.

So why Reunite?

As both BTblock and FYEO continued to work on parallel tracks to solve the growing problem of cyber threats, we began to realize that our products and services were becoming more connected than disconnected, which is why it became abundantly apparent that strategically, now is the time to converge. All projects need code reviews, but it is clear they also need the ongoing threat monitoring provided by FYEO DI . And in the end, the general community of users for the projects we serve will all benefit from our decentralized password management solution, FYEO Identity.

The FYEO Ecosystem

With the FYEO and BTblock businesses now all operating under FYEO, Inc., we are able to better leverage the incredible engineering talent across the entire organization, which will benefit our clients and create a more cohesive environment for collaborative innovation to take place. The BTblock name will continue to exist as the managed services division of FYEO. Both Tammy & Brian will serve as CO-CEOs.

We look forward to seeing the team grow this year and beyond as we continue our work to secure and bridge the gap to Web 3.0.


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