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Interview with Brian Gale, FYEO Co-CEO

Brian talks with Safety Detectives about cybersecurity, AI and the future of the industry.
Interview with Brian Gale, Co-CEO at FYEO

Cybersecurity advancements in Web2 and Web3

In a recent interview with Safety Detectives, Brian Gale, Co-CEO of FYEO, offered a broad overview of the company's role in enhancing security across the Web3 and Web2 ecosystems. In the interview, Brian discusses FYEO's unique approach to security audits, where they embed within development teams, fostering a cybersecurity-first culture, and addresses how AI is streamlining audit procedures and improving real-time phishing protection. Notably, he highlights FYEO's proactive stance on escalating phishing threats and the value of their real-time anti-phishing solutions.

He also discusses FYEO's ongoing work on a decentralized identity management solution, FYEO Identity, which signifies a substantial shift in password management, focusing on user control and data privacy. Moreover, he underscored the potential threats posed by AI-powered phishing sites and deepfakes, reinforcing FYEO's commitment to building robust defenses against these advanced attacks. The detailed conversation paints a vivid picture of FYEO's crucial role in securing the digital landscape. To read the full interview and delve deeper into these topics check out the article.


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