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FYEO Agent for individuals

FYEO Agent anti-phishing and identity monitoring

Comprehensive in-browser phishing detection and identity monitoring solution powered by FYEO's Fisko AI


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Block phishing links in-the browser no matter where they come from

FYEO’s anti-phishing technology uses AI and deep learning to detect potential phishing websites at the browser level. Combined with leaked credential monitoring, FYEO Agent protects against the most critical online attacks facing individuals today.

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Complete Protection

Real-time alerts and detection to combat phishing and credential breaches in the Agent extension

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Self-learning and Self-correcting

Data from source information enhances Agent’s AI and deep learning system to identify new potentially malicious websites in real-time.

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Insight and Control

Receive and manage alerts directly in the FYEO Agent extension

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Simple setup

Download and set up your FYEO Agent account in less than 60 seconds.

Prevent getting phished without link bias. FYEO Agent protects at the browser level regardless of where the link originated

The FYEO Agent solution is designed to prevent end users navigation to malicious websites regardless of the source of the link. The system is based on machine learning and a sites reputation to hinder navigating to malicious websites.

  • FYEO’s sites reputation database is derived from 3rd party open sources of malicious data and user reported phishing websites.

  • The site reputation database also includes the link to the original full url associated with the site entry so that other parts of the system can index these sites in near real time. From this the service generates blacklists and whitelists that can be queried and indexed by the extension.

  • FYEO's Fisko AI and deep learning model is designed to detect malicious websites and is continuously re-trained on the data of the collected websites in FYEO’s sites reputation database.


Key Features of FYEO Agent

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Sites Reputation Database

The database contains reputation information for various domains on the internet, sourced from open sources, and includes newly registered sites, known malicious sites used in phishing campaigns, sites reported by FYEO Agent users, and sites identified as malicious by the FYEO agent.

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AI Model

The AI algorithm in the Agent extension is trained to classify and detect malicious websites based on already existing and identified websites. The model has incremental learning using all the relevant new sites that are added to the sites reputation database.

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FYEO Agent Extension

Protect yourself from phishing attacks, malicious websites, and other web-based threats no matter where the link comes from. The extension also alerts you of leaked credentials from your registered email address. 

Ready to try it out?

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