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React/NodeJS/GraphQL Engineer

Accepting candidates from North America and Western Europe

We are looking for developers that are doers. We think what you have done and what you can do is way more important than what school you went to or which certifications you might have. If you have an interest in cryptography, cryptocurrencies, data, user privacy, and anonymization you are probably a very good fit for our team.


What You Will Be Doing

  • Contribute to the advancement of a technology platform that is enabling the next generation of credential management and cybersecurity solutions for Web3

  • Working together with great UX-UI designers make the product stand out from a user perspective

  • Working with CTO and architects to discuss backend architecture

  • Use emerging technologies, stacks, and frameworks to build global scale solutions

  • Agile Heads down coding with a talented group of people who have pioneered complex and world-changing projects

  • Leveraging AWS for building scalable solutions

  • Using terraform to manage infrastructure

  • Managing blockchain nodes and working on building stable and scalable solution on top of blockchain data

  • Opportunity to do machine learning and model building for threat intelligence building


What You Need for this Position

  • 5+ years of Full Stack Development experience

  • 5+ years of React development experience

  • 3+ years of NodeJS & GraphQL development experience

  • 1+ AWS and infrastructure experience

  • 1+ database experience

  • 1+ blockchain: (Preferred)

  • A passion for coding A desire to keep building Ability to collaborate over zoom (yes we know…) and Slack.

  • Preferable to have lambda and serverlessJS experience


What's In It for You

  • Work 100% Remote with bi-annual company meetups

  • Base Salary + Equity

  • Standard Benefits Package

  • Rewarding and Flexible Schedule - did we mention work-life balance is a legit tenet of our company? We know some people say it, but we live it.


So, if you are a fullstack developer and want to do some cool sh*t, please apply today!

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