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OSINT Security Analyst

About FYEO

The FYEO platform range of products consists of a patented password management and breach monitoring solution based on private-key technology (FYEO Identity), a cyber threat intelligence platform that continuously monitors the darknet & other threat actor forums, enabling blockchain enterprises and their employees to manage & assess online risk exposure and have early warning of threats as they occur (FYEO Domain Intelligence) and the FYEO Agent a browser extension that provides in-browser endpoint protection for all employees at the org, protecting them in real-time from phishing attacks.


About you

We are looking for cybersecurity analysts that are doers. We think what you have done and what you can do is way more important than what school you went to or which certifications you might have. If you have an interest in cybersecurity, blockchain/cryptocurrencies, OSINT, darkweb, and anonymization you are probably a very good fit for our team.


Regardless if your preferred tech stack involves bash or powershell we think that you should have a solid knowledge of scripting and automation to be able to perform investigation and data gathering tasks with ease. 


We also think that you will have to have an inquisitive mind and like to investigate the root cause of a problem as well as a knack for finding interesting data from the weird and wonderful back alleys of the internet.

What You Will Be Doing

  • Work independently with internal data sources, such as our domain intelligence platform to investigate and analyze ongoing incidents by analyzing threat source

  • Add and update out OSINT collection platform and investigate new threat actors as we as emerging OSINT sources

  • Evaluate and improve coverage of OSINT sources and emerging threat actors as well as threats

  • Communicate stakeholders with clear and detailed information about potential threats 

  • Conduct incident investigation and create incident reports for key stakeholders

  • Gather the required information to take down domains and keep the stakeholders updated about the status of such takedowns

  • Contribute to the advancement of a technology platform that is securing enterprises from cyber threats and phishing attacks

What You Need for this Position

  • Minimum three years experience in an OSINT Security Analyst or related role

  • Strong interest in Cybersecurity and a good understanding of terminology (IP Address, Domains, Vulnerabilities, Exploitation, Threats etc)

  • Proficiency at scripting and automation of data gathering and basic data processing for investigations.

  • Proficiency in data analytics and establishment of analytical frameworks

  • Experience in developing comprehensive reporting and investigative work using raw data

  • Experience with working in a team setting where much time is spent collaborating with colleagues and contributing to projects, initiatives, and tasks

  • English native or bilingual (Russian/German/Chinese) level preferred

What's In It for You?

  • Work 100% Remotely possible

  • Base Salary + Equity

  • Standard Benefits Package

  • Rewarding and Flexible Schedule - did we mention work-life balance is a legit tenet of our company? We know some people say it, but we live it.

So, if you are a developer and want to do some cool sh*t, please apply today!


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