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Product Manager - FYEO Identity


We are looking for hustlers and those that thrive in a startup environment. This is an awesome opportunity to join an early stage startup and shape the strategy, culture and future of the company.


Product Manager - FYEO Identity

We are looking for a product leader with startup experience to steer our product strategy for FYEO Identity, our password manager. In this role, you will work to deliver a product with an end user experience that empowers FYEO consumers to feel confident that our product is keeping their online identities safe. You will report to the CEO and CTO, and help us build an organization and culture capable of accomplishing our audacious goals.


Our proprietary next generation password management and identity monitoring and phishing alert system uses private-key cryptography to create a secure, accessible password management experience from start to finish.


We are looking for somebody to take on 3 fundamental responsibilities:

Articulate what a winning product looks like

We formed FYEO to accomplish a mission. You will formulate the product principles and strategies that help us build the right capabilities, in the right order, to make it happen. Should we spend next quarter building a hardware authenticator or focus on improving customer service? How do we automate and scale our service to millions of people without losing our personal touch? Should we build a hardware app and how would we measure success? These are the types of questions you will help us answer.


Experience with blockchain, cybersecurity and cryptography is nice to have, but not required. But we are looking for somebody who has worked in startups building emerging technologies with a variety of intersecting stakeholders and incentives. You’ve worked from day one on the development of a product and were the pivotal person that took it to market. We are also looking for somebody with a collaborative approach and an interest in market dynamics. You have spent countless hours talking to customers and industry leaders and know how to translate those conversations into insights that guide the strategy. Your ability to break a large amount of information down into a succinct plan and communicate it to our team, our partners, and our investors will be key.


Rally the team to build it

We hire for skill-to-ego ratio. We have all seen environments where one of those two is out of whack. We are looking for somebody with exceptional skill, product taste, and a bias towards action, mixed with a track record of putting your team and your mission before yourself. We have a culture of rolling up our sleeves, getting to work, and building things that help people. It’s hard to build that environment, but incredibly fun to work in it. 

You should love the idea of attracting world class talent, coaching team members, and creating a strong product culture. As a pre-launch startup, we are also looking for somebody who is energized by helping people do their best work and eliminating anything that gets in the way. We expect that you have managed teams in the past, have strong opinions about what good looks like, and are excited to build a team with good habits from the ground up. We move fast and you like that, always keeping momentum moving forward.


Iterate until we get it right

Our speed of learning is our secret weapon. You will be married to the mission, but not the tactics. We place calculated bets, let them play out, and measure the results. You should have experience making highly analytical tradeoffs, backed by A/B tests and financial models, but also be comfortable making judgment decisions based on a vision for the future. We are looking for somebody who has made high stakes decisions and had them go well and go wrong. That learning will fuel your ability to help us win.

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